I haven’t done nature photography in a while. A few days ago i had a chance to walk around Cochrane, AB with Bram and take a few shots, mainly practicing composition skills, and playing with colors and depth of field. All i used was my Canon Rebel XSi.

Later on I modified some of the shots more than others in Photoshop to see what cool effects i could come up with.

Results are below. It’s all for fun and practice. Enjoy.

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Portfolio Logo and Upload

So I have actually decided to redo my logo. But i didn’t completely remake it, I just worked with the old one, and made it a bit more organic. I’m fairly happy with the result.

I have also finished editing and redesigning my resume, and linked it to my portfolio.
I couldn’t resist but add more sketches and I’m hoping that by this point Im not cluttering everything with junk.

All i have left now is to do the business cards and my binder.

I am uploading my portfolio as I’m typing this out.


Portfolio almost finished!

This portfolio has been both a pain and a joy, because it enabled me to learn many things i have feared before and also sent me to the pits of hell when things weren’t working.

After the coding of my portfolio was finished there were new issues that arised such as my social network sites opening in shadowbox because they were launched from thumbnails. I fixed that by renaming the div tag that was holding the image thumbnails so shadowbox wouldn’t be confused about such things.

I have made all thumbnails for my work and linked it with appropriate content. The video content was placed in an html page which also opens with shadowbox.
Slideshow on the main page now contains best work to show before the user starts to sort through other content.

I wish i had more time to make the tumbs roll over images, but that will come later.

I fixed the glow on the menu roll overs because it was overblown before. I have also made new buttons for my resume and reference letters that are to be placed in the bio page. I have also wrapped text around the div in the bio page for a more seamless look.

I decided to keep my old logo which i used for Marta Blicharz Studios, since it accurately reflects the look of the portfolio, and has clean hard edges to match the feel of everything else.  In the future i will be redesigning it and having it reflect more on the traditional and digital blending of work that i am trying to accomplish in my art. A concept is already in the works.

After all content was linked, I focused on realigning elements of my portfolio to create clean minimalistic look. This took quite a bit of time because i was undecided about the placement of text and menu, however the solution that i came up with at the end works well.

I chose the minimalistic look to have my work speak for me instead of cluttering the visual space with distracting material. Keep it simple - is the advice that i have received from many industry professionals.

What i have left right now is to fix the look of my resume, prepare business cards, link reference letters to my portfolio and compile a binder with required materials for my presentation.

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Capstone nearing a completion…

It has been quite a ride with this capstone project.

I managed to design some graphics for the main gallery page (in which the swf file is embeded):

- the gallery logo: Virtual Galleria

- a banner containing exhibit title and logo

- concrete wall background

- navigation legend on a brick wall bellow the gallery frame

- doorbell

- artist info poster

- concrete curb frame

I have also animated the door, so it would add a dramatic effect when the viewer transitions from the ‘outside’ to the ‘inside’ of the gallery where the work is contained.

To open that door the viewer has to click the doorbell button. The button rings and the door squeaks as it moves. The viewer moves through the gallery hallway with the use of the up and down arrows.

Later on, with Stewart’s help i was able to make a quick log in page, to demonstrate that this can be an exclusive exhibition space entered by invitation only. The artist can choose to show the new work before a real life exhibit takes place to receive some feedback from a trusted audience.

This log in was made with some php code. A cookie is defined and the browser checks if the entered text in a form matches before the user is let inside of the gallery.

The log in page contains just the logo of the Virtual Galleria.

I have also played around with some CSS to fix the look of the Disqus comment tab and the Resources tab, to make the sub pages look consistent. In the Resources tab i entered some sample information to give the viewer an idea what might be information about the work of art being presented.

In the flash file i have extended the gallery horizontally to 1000 pixels wide. This required some play in photoshop to make the extended walls blend in with the existing wall on which the door is placed.

Artist information is launched in Shadowbox by clicking the ‘Artist Info’ button when the door is still closed.

There are still so many changes that can be made to this project to improve it and expand it, but i believe that the general concept is finished. I will discus potential improvements during my presentation next week.

Bradley Munkowitz known as “Gmunk” is an awesome designer that takes things into an entirely different level. Complex layers, and dynamic design. Everything seems to have momentum. Enjoy.